Spring fire arsonist part of new counterculture

My Two Cents

As fires rage on all sides of the San Luis Valley, the recent Spring Fire may just be a mirror image of what ails Saguache County and other counties directly or indirectly promoting the migration of illegals and other less than desirable characters to relocate to the Valley.
Suspected arsonist Jesper Joergenson, 52, accused of starting the Spring Fire, is a perfect example of the cancer that silently hides deep in the guts of America. A citizen of Denmark, Joergenson may have been here legally in the beginning but is now classified by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) as “a deportable alien.”
The Costilla County Sheriff’s Office, aided by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, State arson investigators, Colorado State Patrol and ICE agents arrested Joergenson last week. In a recent news release, law enforcement authorities explain they cannot elaborate on Joergenson’s information and background because they are engaged in an active investigation.
A visit to his Facebook page provides an instant understanding of what might have prompted this man to destroy one of the most scenic areas in southern Colorado.
Joergenson is a self-proclaimed anarchist/revolutionary. He lists his residence as Fort Garland and describes himself as an underground miner and part-time musician. He appears to have been in this country since 1997 but his VISA has expired, KDVR in Denver reported Monday. Joergenson also is a marijuana proponent, an anti-Semite and a gun enthusiast. One of the posters on his Facebook page reads: “If you don’t like cannabis I don’t like you.”
His sentiment is more common to cannabis users than most care to admit.
Some of the photos on his Facebook page show Joergenson smoking what appears to be a marijuana cigarette and tin cans on a string he describes as gun targets, but also designates as possible candidates for tripwires. Since Joergenson is here illegally, he should not have been able to pass a background check for any weapons he might possess. At least not recently, anyway.
Like many other illegal aliens, Joergenson expresses a hatred for capitalism and really for any kind of government whatsoever.  He dares others to adopt his own views. He uses America to shelter from what he reports was mistreatment in his own country but appears to hate America as much as his native Denmark.
How many more Joergensons are out there on their own little mission of malicious mischief and mayhem? Americans would probably shudder if they knew the exact number. And each day our borders remain undefended, the risk of admitting dangerous operatives into this country increases. Not even appreciated is the fact that many who come to grow marijuana here have been identified as citizens of other nations, or operating their businesses as a foreign interest.
Although reportedly a former rifleman in his country’s national guard and a gun owner, Joergenson’s weapon of choice was not a firearm. And although his alleged arson has not (yet) cost lives, he is guilty all the same of emotional and financial terrorism.
While he claims to have started the fire accidentally and burned himself in the process of trying to put it out, he also admits to making hash oil. Was he high when he tried to extinguish the fire? We may never know.
But the constitutional rights of the people whose homes burned surely outweigh Joergenson’s “right” to alter his state of consciousness, or violate the law by failing to comply with citizenship requirements.