Saguache clerk: skip the trip to DMV

SAGUACHE COUNTY— Saguache County citizens can now complete vehicle registration renewals through the convenience of their cell phones. Gov2Go is a technology platform that makes it easier for them to interact with all levels of government. Among its benefits, Gov2Go lets citizens “Skip The Trip” to the DMV for vehicle tag renewals.
After downloading Gov2Go at, citizens can:
• Avoid missing renewal deadlines because Gov2Go will remind them in plenty of time—a couple of days before their renewal month—that their vehicle tags are due.
• Securely store payment information for use when vehicle tags are due.
• Expand their options to economically renew vehicle registrations.
• Store digital receipts for verification until tags arrive in the mail.
• Eliminate the need to drive anywhere to perform renewals and get vehicle tags.
“The Saguache County Clerk’s team is committed to putting citizens and services first,” said Clerk and Recorder Trish Gilbert. “To provide the most up-to-date technology, we’re offering them Gov2Go. More of our citizens are expecting to perform more services through their cell phones, a device that’s always with them. Gov2Go is fulfilling this expectation.”
A unique feature of Gov2Go is that it isn’t just a single-purpose application. “Gov2Go is a platform that makes it easier for citizens to interact with government on all levels,” said Colorado Interactive President and General Manager Fred Sargeson. “Although users will initially see its convenience for handling vehicle registration renewals, Gov2Go will help them stay on top of election and voter information, government holidays, receive AMBER Alerts and purchase digital passes for select federal parks.”
Available in all 50 states, the Gov2Go platform is designed to expand and adapt with future technologies. Morgan County is bringing Gov2Go to its citizens through Colorado Interactive (CI) and the Statewide Internet Portal Authority (SIPA). The CI/SIPA partnership provides governments with an easy-to-adopt platform that puts citizens at the center of government and delivers on-demand convenience.

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