Perfect weather welcomes annual Snowshoe Shuffle

CREEDE— The 34th annual Snowshoe Shuffle saw 75 registered racers participate in perfect weather. The runners and walkers had a great time during the event.
After the race refreshments that were provided by Mark and Connie Hebert were enjoyed by all. And many racers received wonderful door prizes provided by local Creede merchants. The race had a tremendous volunteer group that allowed the day to go off without a hitch.  Proceeds from the race will go to Mineral County Ambulance.
Overall winners of the men’s 5K run were: first, Jarret Kachel in 20:07; second, Tanner Small in 21:00 and third Ryan Wolf in 27:43.  
Overall winners in the women’s run were: first Kendra Sears in 25:22; second, Margaret Pape in 27:32 and third, Sherry Wolf in 30:08.  
In the men’s 5K walk overall finishers were: first, Joe York in 45:26; second, Rick Sloan in 47:05 and third, Russ Finney in 60:36.  
The overall finishers in the women’s walk were: first, Janelle Cochran in 46:59; second, DeAunn Dodson in 47:09 and third, Deanna Halbert in 50:56.
Age group finishers were as follows:
Men’s 5K Run
0-6:  1st, Bax Brittain; 2nd, Ben Brittain
7-8:  1st, Josiah Houser
9-10: 1st, Tanner Houser
11-12: 1st, Jacob Wolf
13-15: 1st, Ryan Wolf; 2nd, Nicholas Wolf
25-29: 1st, Tanner Small
30-34: 1st, Jarret Kachel
40-44: 1st, Andrew Houser
45-49: 1st, Craig Wolf; 2nd Paul Taylor
50-54: 1st, Vince Ackerman; 2nd, Scott Wolf
55-59: 1st, Joseph Rogers; 2nd, Stan Kachel; 3rd, Chris Kutac
60-64: 1st, Jose Fernandez
65-69: 1st, Less Goss
70-74: 1st, Steve Willman
75-79: 1st, Mike Brunsvold; 2nd, Ken Kutac; 3rd, Bob Seago
80-84, 1st Max Royalty

Women’s 5K Run
7-8: 1st, Lucy Brittain
9-10: 1st, Sammi York
11-12: 1st, Sadie Wolf
13-15: 1st, Gracie Brown; 2nd, Larenne Taylor; 3rd, RaeAnn Wolf
16-19: 1st, Kendra Sears
25-29: 1st, Jennifer Carr
35-39: 1st, Margaret Pape; 2nd, Stacy York
40-44: 1st, Sherry Wolf; 2nd, Amy Brown
45-49: 1st, Cathy Post
50-54: 1st, Barbara Sears
55-59: 1st, Kim Kosciusko; 2nd, Josie Kutac; 3rd, Deb Haverfield
Men’s 5K Walk
35-39: 1st, Joe York
60-64: 1st, Russ Finney
65-59: 1st, Bull Bullington; 2nd, John Churchill
70-74: 1st, Rick Sloan

Women’s 5K Walk
40-44: 1st, Whittney Brittain; 2nd, Laura Dosetter
50-54: 1st, Angie Wolf
55-59: 1st, Teresa Finney; 2nd, Carla Wolf
60-64: 1st, DeAunn Dodson; 2nd, Deanna Halbert
65-69: 1st, Gretchen Davis; 2nd, Joann Churchill; 3rd, Judith Hatcher
70-74: 1st, Carol McRae
75-79: 1st, Janelle Cochran; 2nd, Sharon Seago
80-84: 1st, Sylvia Moran.

A huge shout out to all participants and volunteers. Get ready for Aug. 3, 2019 for the 35th Annual Snowshoe Shuffle.

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