Marijuana licensee, Moffat trustee contract disputed

SAGUACHE — According to a notice published in the Saguache Crescent last week, Michael Biggio and Taylor Holdings/Capital LTD retail marijuana cultivator Jared Taylor Brown have been summoned to answer a complaint in district court regarding rightful title to their marijuana operations.

Biggio is a trustee on the Moffat Town Board. In the past he has presented himself as a local marijuana consultant at public meetings but is not licensed with the Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED).

Biggio co-owns five parcels of land, shown on the Saguache County parcel viewer, with Jared Taylor Brown. He formed Ghost Water Holdings LLC in January listing the same address as Brown’s Taylor Holdings and Capital LTD in Moffat, (215 Lincoln Ave. Moffat, CO 81143, MED database). There appears to be problems with Brown’s MED license, according to the database.

The complaint was filed against the two men and “John Does 1-100, unknown persons” by Elizabeth Townsend of Denver, represented by Denver attorney Richard S. Strauss. Townsend alleges that Brown agreed to transfer title for 16 lots of Townsend’s property in the town of Moffat “in consideration for the transfer of ownership of a medical marijuana dispensary known as American Wellness Dispensary, which was owned by American Wellness LLC to one Peter Keilar, an individual affiliated with Plaintiff.”

Under the agreement, if the dispensary ownership did not transfer to Keilar, then the original quit claim deed to Brown (and Biggio) “was to be invalidated and reversed” and the plaintiff was to regain ownership of the property. The plaintiff says she duly transferred title of the property to Brown (and Biggio) by quit claim deed May 11, 2016. Despite Townsend’s reported attempt to memorialize the agreement by a writing, Brown denied executing the agreement.

Because the property did not transfer to Keilar as agreed, the transfer of the property to Brown and Biggio was negated. Although Townsend has demanded that Brown and Biggio return the title to her name, they have refused to do so, the complaint states. Therefore, Biggio and Brown’s ability to return Townsend’s $175,000 investment, in the form of a check and promissory note to Brown, has been called into question. The entire amount owed to Townsend is due, owing and payable, she states, on Dec. 31, 2018.

Townsend is claiming breach of promissory note and unjust enrichment.

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