Glitch in new water tank software found

Old water tower set for demolition

CENTER — Center Town Administrator Brian Lujan explained during a phone conversation Monday that a software problem with the new water tank has caused problems with the alert system that tells utility personnel when the water tank dips below a certain level.

Lujan says the town is addressing the problem and has determined it is the new tank software causing issues with the alert system. The problem can be resolved, he explained, by returning to the old software. He denies that the malfunction has anything to do with water pressure issues residents continue to report in some locations.

“From what I was told the new tower will create better water pressure,” Lujan said. “But there will always be unaccounted for kinks. Once the entire program is done and everything is put online it will service the town of Center better than before.”


Old tower

A public hearing was held to receive comment on what should be done with the old water tower but no one attended, Lujan said. “We’re trying to get the public more involved and may have to recreate our old Facebook page,” Lujan commented. “We need to create public awareness.”

The town has accepted a bid to demolish the old water tank, which is more than 60 years old. Because the tank needed so many repairs, it would not have been economically feasible to refurbish it, studies showed. The old tank is capped for now, but demolition should begin any day, Lujan said. The town was able to finance the demolition with money left over from the new water tower purchase.

When asked if the town will ever purchase a second water tower as originally planned when the previous board first explored installing a new water system, Lujan said it will be considered. The town must soon go through its master plan process and will at that time consider future plans for the Consaul property, which could become a new subdivision. If that is the case, a larger water system will be needed and that could result in purchasing another tank. 


Town board highlights

During the town board meeting Tuesday, the board approved a contract with X-Act Communications for $9,800 and discussed engaging popular bands for the upcoming Casa Blanca park entertainment program this summer. Lujan also told the board he is looking into plans for town revitalization.   

The Community Park baseball field turf was inspected by experts recently who will soon deliver a report on the job performed last summer by a previous contractor. Lujan told the board the report will not be positive and the town will probably have to pay to have the work redone. Town Attorney Michael Trujillo said he will review the reports and determine what the town will do to recover its losses on the field.


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