Center police investigation update

CENTER—An inquiry from a Center citizen was addressed to Valley Publishing Monday regarding what progress has been made by the town concerning the investigation of a complaint that began in January.  
When contacted by phone Monday, Center Town Administrator Brian Lujan said the town is continuing to pursue the complaint and should have an answer for the public by the end of the week.
The complaint was made against a police official and the town called in a human resource firm from Grand Junction to investigate the complaint. Several executive sessions have been held with the firm but no resolution of the complaint received has ever been announced.
Because the complaint is a personnel matter, Lujan explained last month, it is important to keep both the complainant and anyone named in the complaint confidential.
Police Chief Tristan Van Zalinge told the Center Town Board last month that reports about the complaint have caused problems in hiring police officers for Center because they withdrew their application following the reading of the reports. He said he hoped to be able to convince the applicants to reapply.

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